RAF Coningsby Enthusiasts Day, 11th June 2010

June 2010 Coningsby flightline featuring 29, 17, 3, 11 and 41 Sqns

    Wattisham Aviation Society were invited to have some places to attend Coningsby's Enthusiast Day in mid-June 2010. An event was being organised which made available a very limited number of tickets, specifically aimed at enthusiasts to give them access and photographic opportunities without the usual air show paraphernalia and crowds. A number of members of the society gladly took up this offer and made their way up to Lincolnshire during the Friday morning.

29 Sqn Typhoon T3 in the HAS site (note the IRST sensor in front of the canopy)     The Enthusiasts Day was timed to coincide with the station's Family Day, scheduled for the next day, thereby allowing a synergy of time and effort and expense for two separate events to be shared. A small flightline of aircraft was arranged to be present, both from the home units, as well as a variety of visiting aircraft. They were well positioned in a line without the usual distractions parked behind them that is so often found at the usual public air shows (ice cream vans, burger vans, advertising hoardings, safety barriers, cones, thousands of people etc). In addition, some strategically positioned access steps were made available to allow photography from an elevated position.

    Some hangar displays were also arranged, to allow access into a Typhoon cockpit, and this proved to be a very popular attraction. Other displays were also available in the hangar catering for a variety of tastes.

ZJ810 is a Typhoon T1, still not yet upgraded    Another great opportunity provided to the enthusiasts was the opportunity to take an escorted coach ride around the airfield, with appropriate stops to allow photography. The main attraction here being the preserved aircraft located in the HAS sites and behind the main gate, as these are rarely seen and good opportunities to photograph them are very few and far between.


A selection of photographs taken on the day are shown below:-

Ex Canadian Falcon 20    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane    Merlin powered Spitfire

Griffon powered Spitfire    Chipmunk provides tail-dragger experience    Jet Provost XM479

11 Sqn's preserved Lightning    Nose from Lightning XS932    Gate Guard Phantom FGR2 XT891

3 Sqn's preserved Harrier GR3    100 Sqn Hawk    41 Sqn Tornado GR4 ZA611

4 Sqn Harrier, with 233 OCU badge on the fin    Gate Guard Tornado F3 in 229 OCU marks    Tucano T1 ZF417

Home based 41 Sqn Harrier    41 Sqn Harrier    29 Sqn Typhoon in the hangar

17 Sqn Typhoon FGR4    3 Sqn Typhoon FGR4    Fully loaded 11 Sqn Typhoon

11 Sqn Typhoon in the HAS site    Hunter ZZ190